Le Gaz Integral offers services for Gas Treatment Units’ conceptual design, studies, procurement, construction, precommissionning, commissioning, start-up supervision and training of operating crews.

We are operating for petroleum refineries and natural gas treatment facilities. Le Gaz Integral realizes installations according to higher Client’s standards (Total, EXXON Mobil, Chevron, Lukoil, etc…). We offer solutions fulfilling our Clients’ needs based on our own proprietary technologies and on those of our partners: Shell, BASF, DOW.

Fields of our expertise:


  • Separation
  • Compression
  • Dehydration
  • Sweetening (H2S, CO2), CO2 capture
  • Liquids Fractionation & Distillation
  • Contaminants removal (Tar, NH3, HCl, Hg…)
  • LPG recovery & HC dew point control.


  • Sweetening: Amines, Fixed Bed, Caustic
  • Sulferox® : “authorised licensor” from Shell – OIP
  • SRU : modified Claus processes
  • Shell Paques® & melter/filter
  • SRU Tail Gas treatments 95-99.9+ recovery
  • Liquid Sulphur degassing
  • Sulphur Solidification
  • Sour water stripper: LP and double stage stripper
  • ATS Production(Ammonium Thiosulfate)


  • Coal Gasification

We are low pressure process owner for the production of town gas and by extension for the production of synthesis gas (syngas) may be used for the production of fertilizer (urea, methanol, etc..) And other chemicals pressure method (type Texaco / GE) for the production of syngas is used by our Company.

More than 300 units, including 15 achievements in China in the 1990s.

  • Oil Gasification

Method producing the high calorific gas from fuel oils or high sulfur petroleum residues employed in admixture with or town gas for the production of synthesis gas (syngas) and may be used for the production of fertilizers (urea, methanol, etc..) and other chemicals method at high pressure and temperature (type xxxxx) for the production of syngas.

More than 70 achievements.

  • Steam Reforming

The steam reforming is the process by which methane and other hydrocarbons in natural gas are converted to hydrogen and carbon monoxide by reaction of a nickel catalyst in a ceramic support.

CH4 +H2O

CO + 3H2

Pilot testing services for various technologies and engineering solutions are proposed to Clients. Such tests allow to optimize units’ investments and operating costs in conformity with air emission standards. By this way target performances are validated and CAPEX/OPEX are defined.