About us:

Le Gaz Intégral provides solutions related to gas and exhaust effluents treatment, by developing technologies and equipment for industries since one century. With more than 500 project references all over the world, Le Gaz Intégral covers the complete portfolio of available technologies in these fields, and also the management of complex project to implement the same.

The Company:

Le Gaz Intégral (alias LGI) is an engineering company specialized since 1919 in the design, supply, procurement and construction all over the world of turnkey units for industrial companies acting in the oil and gas, chemicals fields but also to energy companies willing to add values to their effluent (biogas, gasification…) in an environmental friendly scheme.

The activities covers a complete range of services, based on a wide variety of technologies (chemical processes, biological processes,…) as well as tailor made solutions improving its Clients competitiveness.

The know how developed over the different technological mutations to which Le Gaz Intégral contributed, allows Le Gaz Integral to act as a reliable, well-known Contractor, not only as a technology developer and provider, but also as a research and development Partner of environmental friendly technologies on the field of wastes and effluent valorisation.

Le Gaz Intégral have offices in Switzerland, France, Romania and United Arab Emirates to have a close relationship to its Client and Partners.