About us:

Le Gaz Integral provides engineering services and is also contractor for oil and gas industry since 1919. With more than 500 project references all over the world, we offer a portfolio of available technologies, as well as a complex projects management.

Throughout its history the Company was able to adapt to the requirements related to increasing size and complexity of projects, with a strictest respect for environment. We offer solutions for industrial companies acting in the oil and gas, in chemicals and petrochemical fields, as well as for energy companies willing to add values to their effluent (biogas, gasification…) in an environmentally friendly scheme.

The Company:

Le Gaz Integral provide design, supply, procurement and construction of turnkey units.

Our solutions meet the required emission standards and minimise capital and operating costs.

One of our objectives is reduce the environmental impact of our Clients’ plants.

Our missions:

  • Tailor made solutions
  • Offering BAT for optimised CAPEX/OPEX
  • Higher value-added end products. Reducing pollution with positive ROI

Main areas of our expertise:

  • Gas treatment: H2S and CO2 removal
  • Sulphur recovery
  • Valsulf technologies for Sulphur based chemicals and fertilisers
  • Coal and oil gasification
  • Flue gas treatment: SO2 et NOx

Le Gaz Integral have offices in Switzerland, France and Romania in order to maintain a close relationship with Clients and Partners.