Le Gaz Intégral operates in the field of the chemical transformation processes.

The offered services cover the activities from the expression of needs until the start-up and commissioning of the units along with the training of the operation teams.

By working in close relationship with its Client from the every early steps of the project, Le Gaz Intégral ensures the implementation of the most effective solution for its Client.

The technics and processes for which Le Gaz Intégral offers Engineering, Procurement and Construction services are:

  • The CO2, N2, H2 production,
  • The fertilizer production,
  • The transportation, and the storage of products,
  • The production and management of the utilities and energies

based on either proprietary technologies or the ones of its Clients and Partners.

Beyond process and technical skills, Le Gaz Intégral assists its Client and Partners in the set-up activities such as: finding of plots, construction and operating permits, contaminated soil management…).